Where you can find information about my books of short stories which can be purchased from the Books page. If you are interested in ghost stories, strange tales and stories with a twist in the tail, you will find them here. My stories focus on the odd and uncanny. Some are set in our everyday world, others in worlds of complete fantasy. They range from darkness and death to innocence and hope, from the menacing to the magical.


‘It is only the illogical resistance to the short story
~ that surely our busy world should embrace ~
that has prevented Richard Howard becoming recognised
as one of the greatest short story writers of the 21st century’

Kenneth Clelland, author, playwright and poet.


Extracts from reviews of my latest book 'Tales of the Lost':

I was blown away by this collection of tales. Each one was so wonderfully written. Many of the stories had twists that totally threw me for a loop or made me gasp.

This is definitely one of the best short stories of its genre (spoiler removed) I have read.

This collection is absolutely incredible. If you enjoy short stories of a wonderful variety that will keep you on the edge of your seat, you need to pick up this book!

When the story came to its conclusion, I stopped and closed the book. I wanted to stand up and clap.

This is a book that could introduce short stories to those who enjoy reading novels. Don't pass it by because it's a short story collection!

I challenge anyone to read the first few lines of one of Richard Howard's short stories and to then resist the strong urge to continue reading, normally right through to the end in one sitting.

I actually enjoyed the cliff-hanger feeling that each story left me with because it made me go through a rollercoaster of emotions, and culminated in a dramatic ending that made me literally go 'whoa'!

If I had any complaint about this book, it would be simply that it was not long enough for me, but then I'm greedy like that.

It's rare to find a book of short stories where you like them all.

Reading each story was like watching a film, as they're so visual.

‘Tales of The Lost’ is the perfect book to settle down to read on a cosy dark evening

Also on this site are details of my various recorded music programmes and the composers who have influenced my writing ~ Dmitri Shostakovich, Ralph Vaughan Williams and Alan Hovhaness, to name only three. My programmes focus mostly on 20th century symphonic orchestral music and mainly favour tonal and harmonic composers. The programmes are all listed on the Music page. If you are interested in a presentation, I can be contacted via this website.

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