Where you can find information about my books of short stories which can be purchased through this site.
If you are interested in ghost stories, strange tales and stories with a twist in the tail, you will find them here.
My stories focus on the odd and uncanny. Some are set in our everyday world, others in worlds of complete fantasy.
They range from darkness and death to innocence and hope, from the menacing to the magical.

Also on this site are details of my various recorded music programmes and the composers who have influenced my writing ~
Dmitri Shostakovich, Ralph Vaughan Williams and Alan Hovhaness, to name only three.

My programmes focus mostly on 20th century symphonic orchestral music and mainly favour tonal and harmonic composers.
If you are interested in a presentation, I can be contacted via this website.

Most people have experienced unexplained incidents in their lives that they might be reluctant to speak about openly for fear of ridicule.
In our fiercely scientific age many stories are overlooked or dismissed simply because they can’t be explained.  

On this website, you are most welcome to submit accounts of your own unexplained experiences,
whether they involve ghosts, time warps, significant coincidences, déjà vu, prediction,
poltergeists, angels, memories of other lifetimes, or anything that suggests a cause
or a force outside everyday normal experience ~ in other words, the supernormal.


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