Strange Incidents

I thought it might be interesting to create a page where readers can relate accounts of any ghostly, supernormal, unexplained or ‘odd’ experiences they might wish to share or discuss with other readers. If any readers would like to submit their stories to me using the contact form. I will endeavour to add them to this page once I’ve had a chance to evaluate them.

Since publishing my first book, Strange Tales in Fiction and Fact, in which the ‘fact’ part of the book is an account of the many strange incidents I’ve experienced personally, there have been others that might be of interest and that I will relate here.

Since a teenager, I have consulted various mediums with mixed results. Some have been very accurate with information while others have been too vague and generalised to be either useful or in any way convincing. We are always advised to treat each ‘reading’ or ‘sitting’ as an experiment and told that there are never any guarantees of success. I think it’s important simply to keep an open mind.

Another idea is that mediums are good at telepathy and can, perhaps, read the mind of the ‘sitter’ and recite back to him or her whatever they discern in this way. Anything is possible, which is why the best ‘evidence’ that we are communicating with a deceased friend or relative is when we are told something that we don’t know about until we go away afterwards and discover it to be true. In those cases it plainly can’t be a matter of telepathy. Another feature in my experience of readings is that while the bulk of the ‘communication’ is perhaps too vague and generalised to be of much interest, there might nevertheless be one or two very significant nuggets of information that cannot be ignored.

Any kind of incident that suggests a cause or a force outside our everyday experience is of interest here, whether it is a case of déjà vu, a strange sense of recognition of a place or another person, the sighting of someone who is ‘dead’ (i.e. a ‘ghost’), poltergeists, uncanny coincidences, out-of-body experiences, strange energy fields, predictive foresight, the ‘memory’ of another lifetime, or striking evidence from a medium. Although the point of this page is to discuss all kinds of strange experiences, two of the incidents I’d like to share here, which have happened since publishing my essay, Strange Tales in Fact, both originate from readings with mediums.

On each occasion I was told by a different medium that my parents wanted to contact me and in both cases the readings began with accurate descriptions of how different my parents were from each other. The first of these readings was very generalised and there was little of much significance mentioned until the very end when, as a closing statement, the medium suddenly said, “And your father is saying 14 and 15.” Instantly I could believe this was him communicating. He was a civil engineer and it would come naturally to him to use numbers as a way of identifying himself. The medium might have chosen any two numbers but 14 and 15 were significant because the 14th and 15th of July were, respectively, my father’s and mother’s birthdays.

There is much debate about why mediums don’t make our lives easier by just giving the names of the people who purport to be communicating.  But we have no idea how difficult it might be for a discarnate person to communicate in the first place, let alone how they might find a means to convey accurate information that isn’t somehow ‘distorted’ in the process.  In my father’s case, showing two numbers might have been much easier, a more direct and accurate way of identifying himself and my mother together.  I realise that, in itself, this isn’t conclusive proof of anything, but I think it is certainly worth taking into account.  Often it is an accumulation of many small and telling details that paints a bigger and more compelling overall picture.  Plainly, both the medium and the communicator have their challenges.  That said, I have, on a few occasions, been given significant names that have been completely accurate and appropriate to the context of the message.  Most of all, I think it is important that we keep an open mind.

The second medium communicating with my parents said they were saying that my wife, Helen, and I were planning to visit a country we hadn’t been to before. This was accurate as we had arranged a holiday in Switzerland. The medium then said that my parents were saying they would be coming with us! Light-heartedly, I asked Helen if she thought they would give us a sign that they were with us while we were on holiday.

On our first morning in Zurich, we went to the hotel information desk to ask about places of interest to see. As Helen was speaking with the very helpful man behind the desk, I noticed his name badge, which was Ken followed by a long Germanic surname. Never, in all my delving into books, art and music, have I come across the name Ken in a Germanic context. I’ve since asked two German friends and neither has ever heard of Ken as a first name in Germany or Switzerland. But Ken was the name by which my father was known. I thought it was just an odd coincidence.

Ken suggested that we walk alongside the lake in Zurich to a particular restaurant that he recommended for lunch, which we duly did. The restaurant overlooked the lake and while we were enjoying an excellent fish soup, I happened to glance up as a motor launch pulled in to an adjacent jetty to collect passengers. I was surprised to note that the name painted on the side of the launch was Felix. Felix, not the most common of names, was my father’s second name, which he never used. Another coincidence!

After lunch we walked back beside the lake and came upon a busker who was playing the violin. He seemed quite an unlikely busker, attired in a smart suit with an open-necked shirt, and looked as if he had just come from his office job. I suggested that we sat on a nearby seat for a few minutes to listen to the music. No sooner had we sat down than the busker began to play the Meditation from Massenet’s opera ‘Thaïs’. I couldn’t believe my ears. My mother loved this piece of music and whenever it came on the radio she would always ask what it was. I have associated it with her ever since. That made three ‘coincidences’ in the space of a morning. Fanciful as it might seem, I felt my parents had certainly made their presence known. I think this makes a significant story on its own but there was more to come.

The second half of our holiday was spent in the mountain village of Wengen. While there, we took the train to the highest station in Europe, at the top of the Jungfrau, and during the journey we were informed of the history of this railway and the vision of the man who built it. Among the various facts we were given, two stood out for me. The project was completed in 1912, which was the year both my parents were born, and it was opened to the public on the 1st August, which was my parents’ wedding anniversary! Of course, there is nothing ‘supernormal’ about this because these are simple facts that pre-existed. But the coincidence was remarkable.

One other curious incident that occurred since publishing Strange Tales in Fact, concerns my much-loved maternal grandfather. I mention his love of roses in the book and the fact that part of his garden was devoted to roses, where he would often go to cut one for his button-hole. After my grandparents died, I kept one of his original rose bushes, which has since been replanted a number of times as we have moved from one property to another. The bush produces blooms with a beautifully strong and rather old-fashioned scent. Whenever I look at it and smell the scent of those flowers, I inevitably remember my grandfather with much fondness and silently ‘commune’ with him. In 2014 the bush seemed quite dormant and produced just one or two blooms at a time instead of the usual six or seven. But then, suddenly, on the 8th August it blossomed with 15 blooms at the same time. The 8th August was my grandfather’s birthday. Another coincidence!


My Grandfather, in 1931, sporting a rose in his button-hole